Repeatable Quests For Kamas In Dofus Touch

Welcome back to another tips article for Dofus Touch Kamas. This is a guide to list all the repeatable quests which can help you to make easy and reliable money.

Note that all the quest rewards are based off a level 200 character. If you have a lower level character the kama rewards for temple dopples and protect and scourge will probably be much lower.


Daily Main Income Quests (If you don’t do anything else consider doing these quests)

Temple Dopples
5497 kamas per temple x 15 temples = 82,455 kamas per day
Sadly the temple dopples no longer give kamas, however, you can still use the doploons to buy characteristic scrolls or pebbles to sell on the market, and this can still bring in upwards of 200,000 kamas per day at level 200.

Protect and Scourge [0,0]
43,561 kamas per day (Sadly this quest no longer gives a kama reward)

Almanax Quest [-4,-24]
Can vary between a few hundred kamas to as high as 40,000 kamas some days. This list can give you an idea of the historical range of almanax kama rewards.

Total Per Day: 126,016 kamas + variable almanax bonus.

Level 195 daily quest kamas
Dopples: 5,100* x 15 = 76,500
Vigilantes: 41,000*
Shab Al: 11,980 x 2 = 23,960

Daily total: 141,460
Weekly total: 990,220

Daily Sufokia Quests

Juice It Up [13,25]
8,210 kamas per day (Tiny reward, but all it requires is killing ten jellies per day and the quest is conveniently located right above sufokia zaap so it is easy)

Daily Koalak Mountain Quests

Polar Race (need to be level 65+)
11,000 kamas per day

Load the Mule (need to be level 85+
18,000 kamas per day

Delicatessen (need to be level 65+)
11,000 kamas per day

Total: 40,000 per day

Daily Deep Sufokia Quests (Level 190-200 recommended)

Fishing for Steamcrabs
43,980 kamas per day

Rapture of the Deep
87,960 kamas per day

Merkaptans Are Useful
87,960 kamas per day

Daily Gathering Profession Quests

Level 100 Lumberjack: A Wood Burning Stove
10,000 kamas per day

If you have a level 100 Lumberjack you might also consider doing Holiday on Ice, a weekly quest that allows you to trade 10 aspen wood and one kaliptus plank for 16,780 kamas. For most characters this isn’t worth it because it would cost more to buy the mats than the reward, but a lumberjack can harvest the mats themselves.

Level 100 Hunter: Mmm, Shab Al
10,000 kamas per day

Level 100 Alchemist: Flowery Baps
10,000 kamas per day

Level 100 Farmer: Everyone stands up for Annette
10,000 kamas per day

Level 100 Miner: Anti-personnel mines
10,000 kamas per day

Level 100 Fisherman: Duss is hungry, fortunately
10,000 kamas per day

Level 100 Handyman: I’ll Box Your Ears
10,000 kamas per day

Level 100 Baker: A Spoonful of Sugar
10,000 kamas per day

With regard to the daily profession quests they all give 10,000 kamas. If you have three gathering professions you can get 30,000 kamas per day from doing all three daily gathering profession quests.

Weekly Income

Daily Quests x 7
882,112 kamas per week (doesn’t count income from almanax since it is variable)

Daily Profession Quests x 7
210,000 kamas per week (If you have three level 100 gathering professions, if you have only one then it would only be 70,000 per week)

Sufokian Quests x 7
57,470 kamas per week

Koalak Mountain Quests x 7
280,000 kamas per week

Fight Club [-77,-38]
15,995 kamas per week (assuming you bet 5,000 kamas on yourself)

Shu Polish [6,-16]
43,989 kamas per week

Potential Weekly Income: 1,279,566 kamas (1,489,566 kamas if you have three level 100 gathering professions.)
Potential Yearly Income: 66,537,432 kamas (77,457,432 kamas if you have three level 100 gathering professions.)

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